Lost and found works

Around 80% of my work is not visible. They are not featured in my portfolio — they just exists somewhere.

Reasons vary:

I've long planned to go through my repositories and re-launch them at least locally on my machine. Since in the last decade lots of technologies came and go — re-launching my old works I knew won't be easy.

Each tech stack has to be reproduced first to be able to serve the website / app built upon. Which isn't trivial after a good few years. Old tech seems to be not always working in a current environment.

I've got lucky — since the beginning I'm using static site generators whenever possible. Most of these sites can be re-launched. Other, heavier stacks like WordPress and Ruby on Rails — maybe some other time.


The works presented below follow a timeline. Sometimes they have an associated website, sometimes are just a screenshot. And remember: none of them is production ready.

Client work
Client work, unpaid. 2018. There were 7 variations done. Try to replace 1 with 2, 3, 4, 5, 5a and 5b for the variations.
More Themes Baby
More Themes Baby. Up and running. 2017-2018.
Violuk v2
Violuk portfolio v2. Autumn 2017.
Violuk v1
Violuk portfolio v1. Autumn 2017.
A marketplace software-as-a-service startup. Not launched. 2016-2017.
Portfolio 2016
Portfolio, unfinished. Autumn 2016.
Portfolio 2016
Portfolio, unfinished. Summer 2016.
Monogram Themes
Monogram Themes, just playing. Autumn 2015. Or
Portfolio 2014
Portfolio, unfinished. Winter 2014.
A wesbite which prints. Summer 2013.


My dearest project so far. And my best work perhaps until today. From around 2010. Also the logo is handmade.