The New Web

2020 marks a new milestone in web design and development.

In 2006 we had Web Design is 95% Typography.1

In 2015 we couldn't decide if Is It Web Or Photoshop?.2

Now we know the new web is highly interactive and creative. It's like Flash in the nineties3 with a twist: the content is more generative, the interaction is more functional.

Masters of Web

In the twenty-tens Sitenspire provided the entries in the Masters of Web series on this blog recording memorable creations for posterity.

The last in the series, published yesterday after a year of hiatus, draws the majority of entries from Hover States — another inspiration resource representing the art / underground scene rather than the commercial web.

Even being an artist I couldn't use Hover States for inspiration until now. The entries were too experimental, even ugly sometimes.

With 2020 everything changed. Art won over commercial in web inspiration.

Please find listed the contenders for the latest Masters of Web and try to spot the difference.

Hover States, 2020 (Sep)

Hover States, 2019

Sitenspire, 2020 (Sep)