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After five months — React

May 09, 2019

We couldn’t have better news. Lean code. Official stack. Strong leader.

This is the second post in a series of three.

A hiatus can introduce pain in restarting work on old projects. Frameworks change quickly. Now let’s see how the React ecosystem handles this.

I have React, Gatsby and Storybook projects to update and work on them again.


Two major things happened to React in the last months: Hooks, and the Facebook.com 2019 complete redesign.

Hooks removed boilerplate and bloat from React code and enabled better re-use of business logic.

A React app now looks less like a React app and more like any other app. We’ve been waiting for this!

The Facebook.com 2019 complete rewrite and redesign means the inventor of React eats its own dogfood. Not just bits but the whole stack: React + GraphQL + Relay + Suspense + React Native — which now we can easily call the official stack.

There are other ways of course. The great news is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel anymore. (Apollo, right?). Frameworks works best if you follow the way of the original creators.


We couldn’t have better news. Writing code became simplified. There is an official guideline and long term support for best practices. And we have a strong leader: Dan Abramov



To React with best practices. Written by @metamn.