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To React with best practices. Written by @metamn and @MoThemesBaby

There is no official style guide for React

January 08, 2019

And we clearly miss it.

A monochromatic palette with HSL and React

January 08, 2019

Pick two colors ... and voila!

RGB vs. HSL: another round

January 08, 2019

One should be able to use code to work with colors, and think about colors in the same way thinks about other programming artifacts like data and algorithms.

An ideal color tool

January 08, 2019

A tool to generate color palette for sites and apps is always welcome. Yet one perfectly tailored to web is missing.

Setting up a typographic grid with React

January 07, 2019

To have an ideal grid where all elements are both vertically and horizontally aligned is possible. And a bit difficult.

Bauhaus to emoji: A call for a new typography

December 19, 2018

Typography has to be completely rethinked.

Four types of responsiveness in React

December 14, 2018

With React — a reactive / responsive framework — it's time to rethink the responsiveness of a website.

Designing with Storybook

December 14, 2018

No one can imagine how much creativity gone lost while we had no Storybook or an alternative.

To React with best practices

December 13, 2018

WordPress is here with Gutenberg — it's time to react.